Let's get this straight, it's really not about us.  It's all about Him!

By the Lord’s grace and mercy, simple and unpretentious brothers
and sisters in many parts of the country and around the world are
learning to discover the various attempts at
biblical early church as
mere mechanical processes that leave out the Spirit, and shortcuts
that cut out the work of the cross.  

Today, many of the non-traditional churches that gather outside of
the institutional environment claim a return to simplicity, which is a
hallmark of the early church, but simplicity is not merely the doing
away with clergy-laity system, glamorous church buildings and the
programs….  It is first and foremost a work of the Holy Spirit through
the cross to diminish the self life and increase the character and
likeness of the Lamb within.  Being made Lamb-like in character is
what confirms the claim of simplicity, all other claims pale in

May we learn to look to Him and holdfast Him who is our All to make
us simple from the inside out.  Quietly, the Lord is working
to “drive out the nations” (decrease of self) and “enlarge our borders”
(increase of Christ) as in Ex 34: 24.  

Little by little, as we learn to surrender to His merciful dealings, the
Lord then has a chance to gain some ground in us; and quite
unexpectedly, a sweet and real church life emerges without anyone
working up a sweat trying to copy or mimic the so-called “Early
Church” pattern (not to say we, and many others, haven’t tried

Whenever the "self" is in charge, the most first-century-like church is
merely an empty structure, whether it gathers in a house or an
ornate building.  

On the other hand, when our focus is shifted from the church to
a wealth of treasure is opened to us not the least of which is a
genuine church life that many saints elsewhere devote themselves to
but have difficulty laying hold of.  It’s not about us, dear saints, it’s
all about Him.  

Over the years, the Lord has graciously brought many dear extra-
local friends to fellowship with us and help us return to Christ.  We
are most grateful for these dear friends from Louisiana, Dallas,
Memphis, California, Ghana, Mexico, Virginia, Chile, India,
Canada…who have enriched our lives through their fellowship.  Our
oneness is not found in uniformity, it is found in Christ alone, and
Christ is manifested in diverse members that are distinctly different.  
Yet we, being many and diverse, are one in Christ.  Diversity has a
way of enlarging us in Christ.  

Prayerfully and humbly, we submit the articles in this website for
your considerations with a hope for fellowship unto an enlargement
of the portion of Christ in His people.  Amen.  

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